Apartment Cvikov

Discover the nature of the Lusatian Mountains, rock castles and glassmaking history.

Cvikov Prospects

A walk through the viewpoints around Cvikovo will offer views of the entire Lusatian Mountains.

Rock towns and castles

There are many rock towns, rock reliefs and other natural or man-made rock attractions in the surroundings.

Oybin and Jonsdorf

Just across the border you can visit Oybin Castle, the butterfly house in Jonsdorf. In the summer months, a tourist train runs to both places from the square in Cvikov.


In the surroundings there are many glassworks worth seeing. In Kunratice near Cvikov there is a glass garden at the glassworks Pačinek. In Lindava you can visit a glassmaking pub with the possibility of making your own glass.

Lusatian Mountains

The Lusatian Mountains offer many peaks with beautiful views to explore.

Skiing or bike parks

In winter you can use the nearby ski areas. In summer, you can go there on bicycles instead of skis.

More tips for the trip

There is much more to see nearby. Take a look at the websites of the surrounding areas and discover more attractions.